Center for Health in Mission

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The Center for Health and Mission is a website with resources such as an online Christian Journal of Global Health, best practice guidelines and some good resources.  Here is their description of the kind of spaces they want to create:

The Center for Health in Mission will serve to develop spaces where workers, innovators and other interested parties from diverse churches and organizations can meet to dig deeper into the meaning of Health and Wholeness from a biblical perspective. We will seek to involve pastors, theologians, missiologists, sociologists, and Christian health professionals (among others) in order to develop our understanding from a multidisciplinary approach.

These activities will occur as forums, consultations, conferences and workshops in various venues. Some will occur as part of a larger gathering but in general will tend to be smaller regional gatherings usually in partnership with other organizations.

Examples include the Health, Agriculture, Culture and Community workshop conducted twice a year in partnership with the ECHO folks in North Fort Myers, FL as well as the IWMC pre-conference entitled Health in Mission. We will also be managing the HealthCARE Missions Conference each year in Southern California.

These “spaces” will include virtual spaces (online forums, discussions, best practices development) where to start or carry on new discussions. Some of these will necessarily take place at secure online locations. Recent examples include discussions about “The Christian global health practitioner of the future,” Public Health in Mission,” and a missional curriculum for Christian health sciences schools and medical school residencies.

What are your favorite ways to collaborate?  Where do you find the information, passion and connections needed to reflect and act on healing the nations?

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